Lyon, an astonishing city

Set off in search of shortcuts, take in the city from Fourvière Basilica and roam the aisles of the ancient amphitheatre; let yourself be blown away by architecture dating back over 2000 years. Move from the past to futuristic ‘La Confluence’, an industrial wasteland transformed into a lively, dynamic place built by contemporary architects.


Countryside walks in Monts du Lyonnais

These open spaces are ideal for trail enthusiasts, beginners or veterans, on foot or by bike. Leaving from the town of Mornant, tracks cover the rolling country hills, the villages and forests, inviting you to discover them on foot or in more challenging ways. Drink in the exceptional panoramas of the Alps and the Lyonnais region.


The Lyonnaise gastronomy

Lyonnaise gastronomy dates back to ancient times but it is the celebrated Lyonnaises Mothers who first built up its reputation: strong women who served simple but high-quality food to the bourgeois and working class alike.

This reputation, continued today by great chefs such as Christian Tête d’Oie, Matthieu Vianney, David Tissot and Paul Bocuse, shows Lyon has not forgotten its famous commercial past, epitomised by its famous Canuts, or silk traders. Dotted across the streets of the city are the famous Lyonnais eateries where conviviality, fine cuisine and good taste are de rigueur.

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