1. Length of stay

The tenant signing this contract may not in any circumstances claim any form of maintenance in the premises at the end of the defined stay. Any delay will be charged at the price of one night.

2. Conclusion of the contract

The reservation becomes effective as soon as the tenant has sent the campsite 30% of the total rental amount under the reservation deposit and a copy of this signed contract. The language of the contract is French only.

A copy of the contract will be given to the tenant by the manager. The rental concluded in this way cannot in any case even partially benefit third parties without the written agreement of the manager, any breach of this principle would be likely to result in the termination of the rental at the fault of the tenant, the rental product remaining definitively acquired at manager. In addition, the tenant accepts without reservation the internal regulations of the campsite.

3. Cancellation by the tenant

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter to the manager.


  • Cancellation before arrival at the premises: the deposit remains with the manager. The latter may request the balance of the amount of the stay if the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before the date of entry into the premises. If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours of the arrival date indicated on the contract, this contract becomes void, the deposit remains acquired and the manager can dispose of his property and thus rent it to a new person without further advice from the manager.

  • If the stay is shortened, the rental price remains the same and is acquired by the manager. There will be no pro rata refund in the event of early departure.

  • The offer being made remotely but being a fixed date service, the consumer does not have a withdrawal period of fourteen days. See articles L.221-5 and L.221-28 of the Consumer Code.

4. Cancellation by the manager

The manager pays the tenant all of the sums paid.

5. Arrival

The tenant must report to reception on the day and at the times mentioned on the contract. In the event of late arrival, the tenant must notify the manager sufficiently in advance.

6. Rules

The balance of the rental is known in advance, minus the deposit already paid. It must be paid according to the method of payment provided for in the contract on the day of arrival. Stays are always paid in advance.

7. State of play

This is done in the presence of both parties at the beginning and at the end of each rental. On the day of departure, no inventory will be carried out between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. This must be carried out during reception opening hours. The cleaning of the accommodation is MANDATORY and payable by the tenant. The accommodation must be made clean . The tenant is responsible for interior cleaning (Emptied garbage cans, floor, worktops, table, hob, dishes, bedroom and sanitary … cleaned) AND of cleaning outside (presence of cigarette butts, etc.). In the event of a breach, a cleaning fee of 100 euros will be applied and billed on the day of your departure. Any anomaly found in the accommodation must be communicated to the manager within the first hours of the delivery of the keys. Any delayed departure will be charged at the price of an additional night.

8. Bonds on arrival

The tenant will pay two deposits of € 600 and € 100 which will not be cashed but returned within one week of departure or upon departure if the inventory has been made, less the cost of any repairs and / or cleaning.

9. Use of the premises

The tenant must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental (noise, cleanliness of the premises …) and respect other tenants living near the accommodation in accordance with the internal regulations.

10. Capacity

This contract is established for a certain number of people who cannot be exceeded. In all cases, the maximum capacity is 7 people, including children. If the number of tenants exceeds the accommodation capacity, the manager will refuse additional persons. Any additional person (within the limit of maximum capacity) will be charged per night.

11. Animals

No animal, whatever it is, is accepted in the rentals, in case of non-compliance with this clause, the manager will refuse the stay or end it.

12. Insurance

The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him or the people accompanying him. He is required to be insured by a civil liability contract for these various risks in accordance with the internal regulations. A certificate may be requested.

13. Connection to WIFI and Internet

With regard to the site’s Wi-Fi connection for browsing the Internet, the tenant is informed that the Internet is a network carrying data likely to be protected by intellectual, literary, artistic, photographic rights or to infringe the legal provisions in force. The tenant therefore refrains from transmitting on the Internet or downloading from the Internet any data that is prohibited, illegal, illegal, contrary to public decency or public order and which infringes or is likely to infringe the rights of third parties and in particular the rights of intellectual, literary, artistic or photographic property. The tenant is solely responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage caused to third parties due to his connection to the site’s Wifi. Likewise, he is strictly prohibited from communicating the Wifi access code to neighbors, under penalty of criminal prosecution.

14. Smoking

Important, the accommodations are all “non-smoking”. All tenants must exit outside the accommodation to smoke and use the ashtrays provided for this purpose. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the billing of the deodorization costs of the accommodation.

15. The parking lot

A parking space is provided in front of the rental. Any additional vehicle or visitor must park exclusively in the car park provided for this purpose and located near the reception and may give rise to the payment of an additional charge provided for in the price list.